Welcome to Kane9!

Kane9squadpetWelcome to Kane9!

Welcome to Kane9!

27 December 2018 Posted by admin pet No Comments

We’re on cloud 9 that you’ve decided to join us on this life journey with your favorite pet companion! My name is Kelcie, and I’m an animal and active lifestyle enthusiast who wants to incorporate my love of pets into my everyday life. To paraphrase Confucius: “If you love your work, you’ll never work a day in your life”.

I am the dreamer behind Kane9 Animal & Home Care Services and I want to create a service that lets you enjoy your animals worry and guilt free. I’m an accountant in my boring day job, but I try to make up for it in my love of life with animals. I grew up wishing I was an animal and I’ve owned dogs, cats, a horse, lizards and I’ve rescued wildlife as well. If it walked on four legs, flew, had feathers or fur, I was into it. Nothing has changed, and as an adult I’ve had to justify my passion with a job that feeds it!

To start off the introductions; Kane is my “Other Half” (or OH, as I’ll refer to him); my husband of 10 years and the name inspiration behind our business. He also has a strong passion for animals and therapy pets, which is part of what drove this project. And, despite his sometimes intimidating size, his quiet and gentle nature quickly draws in even the most shy and sensitive animals.



Next up is Duce (or Dusa, short for Medusa), who is a gorgeous Mastiff named after a mythical Greek goddess. Medusa was known as a guardian or “protectress”.

Some called the Greek goddess Medusa a monster, as she had the ability to turn enemies into stone. We like to think Dusa protects our family and friends by scaring people stiff, like stone, with her size (she weighs 170 lbs!!!). In reality, she’s the gentlest creature you’ve ever met and spends most of her time lying like a stone on her bed. Against her family’s values, Dusa HATES exercise (prefers to get her fresh air through the car window!).

She does spend time playing with kids, but her fav’ pass times are eating, sleeping, eating and sleeping some more. She eats 4 cups of food a day, but Dusa doesn’t have a water dish (there’s a bit of a drinking problem). She drinks up to 2 gallons of water each day in the summer, but when she drinks she needs to stick her whole head in with water up to her ears. That requires a 5 gallon pail! Dusa has been loved by our family since she was born 7.5 years ago, one month before our son came along.
That brings us to “The Kid”.
The Kid is a two-legged family member who is super smart, but sensitive and caring, loves animals and going to school (weird right?). He cuddles with Dusa (who is still bigger than him) and uses her as a pillow when he’s watching TV. He’s 7, in grade 1 and tall like his dad. Dusa won’t be bigger for much longer!
Snoop Dawg (also referred to as Snoop-a-doop or Snoop for short) is the most recent family member. We adopted him at 18 months old and he is a Catahoula/Bulldog mix. He LOVES to run!
He helps keep this already active family on their feet and moving. He was the most difficult to train (even harder than The Kid), but now that he’s settled into our family, he’s a fantastic addition. He is now 3 years old, weighs 69 lbs and only drinks water that’s been filtered through the cat’s drinking fountain (can you blame him? Dusa just stuck her whole head in the dog bucket….). The cat is not impressed. Snoop eats 3 cups of food a day but burns it all off running, chasing anything that moves and chewing anything that he can get his mouth on. Training is obviously still ongoing as he is a stubborn, independent hound who HATES being told what to do. But with enough exercise, he is much more compliant.

Prior to Kane9, my OH was in 2 separate major motor vehicle accidents (neither were his fault). Everyone involved is recovering OK, but I plan to do a follow up post on for safely securing your pet in a vehicle and what kind of damage can happen if they’re not (to passengers and them!).
I’d also like to do other pet safety posts. Lifejackets for living in the Okanagan or near water, sun safety and heatstroke or dehydration during summer months, and another one I’ve recently become passionate about is blood donation and Doggie CPR!
As we journey together I’d like to invite you to ask questions or request topics that you’d like my opinion on. Community is important and that includes the animal community! They’re our fur babies, so companionship and resources (let’s face it, time outs and mini breaks from pets can be a real thing) are valuable no matter what breed (or age).
If you’ve found your way here it’s probably because you’ve seen our services website, but if not click here to check it out too.

With barks and sloppy kisses

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