Gettin’ Dirty!

27 December 2018 Posted by admin pet No Comments

Kelcie Vancouver Spartan Sprint Barb Wire Crawl

Do you remember being a kid and jumping in puddles, crawling in the mud and swinging on monkey bars and loving every minute of it? Well….apparently I never grew out of it. In fact, now that I’m an adult I pay good money and travel many miles for the privilege of doing what I did for free as a child. Obstacle course racing (OCR) is addictive. I crave the mental and physical challenge of seeing how far and how high I can run and climb in the rain, heat, and even the snow; swimming through rivers, throwing javelins, crawling under barbed wire through the mud, leaping over flames areall part of the thrill ride.

There are plenty of different OCR’s options out there, the most famous probably being the Tough Mudder, but if you don’t want to travel, there are several local races as well like the Freak’n Farmer and Mudd Sweat & Tears. My personal favorite is the Spartan race; you can choose your level (Open, Competitive, or Elite), choose your distance (Sprint, Super, or Beast), and you can even choose a country. I WILL run that Spartan Beast race in the Swiss Alps one day…..but to date I have raced in BC, AB and Washington.

My faithful running partner Snoop Dawg has logged some crazy miles helping me train, at least for the cardiovascular portion of these races. But come race day he has always been sidelined to the cheering party.

Snoop Dawg “training”

Until one glorious day, Sept 8, 2018 when the genius minds at Rebellious Unicorns and Results4LifeFitness put on the first ever DIRTY MUTTER!! A sweet twist on the Tough Mudder, an OCR developed to be run along WITH your best bud on four legs. I have never had so much fun. We may have missed a few obstacles (because princess Snoop Dawg HATES getting his feet wet! lol) but the sun was shining, we had friends running by our side, and there was the extra satisfaction that we were doing it all for a great cause. Donations were raised all to benefit Paws it Forward, a local non-profit dedicated to “rescuing, rehabilitating and finding loving forever homes for dogs that have been surrendered, abused, neglected, or abandoned”.

Xena, Savannah, Kelcie & Snoop Dawg Dirty Mutter 2018

Shout out to all the lovely people who stopped by our table to say hi and enter our contest. Congratulations!! to Jayden and Oakley, our fabulous winners of the draw for 5 walks (or house visits).
Hope to see y’all at the Dirty Mutter 2019!! (It is going to be an annual event…right?)

With barks and sloppy kisses,

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