About Us

Be ready to know who we are

Who We Are?

‘Da Kane9 Squad is a dedicated team of dog professionals with a mission to create a dog daycare and boarding facility like no other. Our dogs are family members. Therefore, we will do whatever it takes to provide them with the most enriching, safe and fun environment possible to live a long and healthy life. We believe in treating all our pack members to this standard.

What We Do?

We offer a one-of-a-kind dog daycare and boarding program. We have limited the number of dogs we take in as we want to create an environment that allows dogs to feel safe and get the proper attention they need. With a balance between play and rest, your dog will learn appropriate social skills and the ability to self-calm.

Why Choose Us?

Since we treat all our pack members like one of our own, you can rest easy knowing your beloved family member is in good hands. Unlike the average dog daycare, we provide a limit on the number of dogs we take in, which in turn allows your dog to learn essential skills stress-free.

Our Dedicated Team

At Kane9, we believe in treating our clients as we would treat ourselves, our friends, and our family. We strive to uphold the best customer service in the industry. Our mission is to be the most fun and safest place for your fur family. Every team member has their Dogsafe First Aid Certification and is covered by our liability insurance policy.

Read on to meet our team of dedicated Kane9 professionals.

Kane Warren
owner/founder – Bio

My name is Kane, and I love the connections fostered between animals and humans. I’ve been dedicated to working with animals from a young age, growing up on a small farm, and raising various animals and breeds. My quiet, gentle personality encourages a bond with all animals, even with the most complicated characters feel safe. Some have even called me an “animal whisperer.” Anyone who knows me understands my need to be around animals and my ability to have fun while working lovingly and patiently with them. Kane9 is an opportunity for me to combine my three loves: animals, the outdoors and physical activity.

Kelcie Warren
office manager – Bio

My name is Kelcie, and I’m an animal and active lifestyle enthusiast who wants to incorporate my love of pets into my everyday life. Growing up, I always pretended to be an animal, usually a dog or a horse. My parents joked that I would never learn to walk as I spent 75% of my day on my hands and knees. Alas, I did eventually discover running on two feet! I spent my life on the acreage, racing through forests, creeks, ravines, any environment to cover me from head to toe—all the while with a dog or two by my side. As an adult, absolutely nothing has changed. So, there was nothing left to do but to justify my passion with a job that feeds it.


Savanna comes to us with a long background of working with all animals. from dogs, birds and ferrets to reptiles and arachnids, you name it. Her passion for animals appeared at a very early age from then on she has been committed to animals. including caring for her own dog, chameleon and tarantula. Savanna has extensive experience in training horses and coaching new riders. she gained her knowledge of pet care by working in a pet store and in more recent years has worked extensively with dog daycare‘s. here she truly excelled in training. she recently moved to the Okanagan and is continuing to commit to her passion for animals here at Kane9

Safety is our priority:

Your pet is our responsibility and their safety and comfort are our first priority.

All team members are Dogsafe First Aid certified and carry a first aid kit

GPS tags for tracking any off-leash adventures

fresh water to maintain the hydration of your hardworking pet

LED light collars in a variety of sizes as well as high visibility vests for outings in low light

an endless supply of chuck-it balls for your pet’s enjoyment